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Why Launch? Our goal is to launch you into service and community at CCC. The Launch class is held each quarter and led by at least one of our Elders. They will go over each statement in our Statement of Faith to bring clarity and allow questions. You will be given the opportunity to take an interests, abilities, and giftings questionnaire to learn how you may best fit into Kingdom work. Our interest is not only in launching you into ministry at CCC, but into the greater community. We rejoice and support all forms of Kingdom work.

Launch is required for Partnership with CCC, but is open to all regardless of your intention. You will be given the opportunity to sign a Membership Covenant.

Why Partner with CCC? Some call it “partnership.” Others say “covenant community.” Most say “membership.” Is such a commitment to the Body of Christ without a biblical foundation? Is the idea a purely man-made invention? Or is the concept present, but not in today’s vernacular? Would the church be better off to kick membership to the curb? In this series, Pastor Kevin investigates the biblical evidence for the idea of individuals intentionally being recognized as a part of a local body of believers.