The usual expectation for a website is to read about the fabulous programs that will attract every family member, and how the facility and worship music possess the “WOW” factor. You might also see some pictures of beautiful people, and read testimonies that indicate that affiliation with this particular church brings a better life. However, at Christ Community Church, we see our calling as something different. We aren’t selling Christianity to make it attractive to the masses. We believe the church world needs less hype and more authenticity– less selling out for “relevance,” and more honest, biblical conversation about what it means to be a committed follower of Christ. We don’t claim to have it all together. Sometimes we get it wrong. However, we are sure of this—God revealed Himself through His Son Jesus Christ and the Bible.

We are certain that God uses a variety of churches, and we are just one of His many expressions around the world. We are awestruck by the person of Christ and are thrilled by what He said the church could be! We have tasted what unity is like; we’ve experienced what happens when a faith community is excited by the most important purpose known to humankind—knowing Jesus Christ personally and living dedicated lives for His use and in His power. Having tasted such a life, we never want to go back to a lesser version!

If you have questions about what it means to know God, we welcome you. Perhaps you are interested in what it means to accept the demands of being a disciple of Christ, we welcome you. However, if you are looking for a church that offers a smorgasbord of programs for the sole purpose of catering to a consumer mentality, you will be frustrated at Christ Community. While Christ Community also has programs, a new facility, and wonderful music, these things serve a greater function and we do not consider them our goal or the signs of our success. Ultimately, we desire to be a Christ-dependent community equipping people to impact our world. We see our calling to be a people who take seriously the claims of Christ and His hold on every part of our lives.

At CCC, we seek to build an environment where our hearts find satisfaction in Christ and are encouraged by being a part of an authentic community. If such pursuits resonate in your heart, feel free to call us or dig deeper into our website. Better yet–sit down and talk with anyone from CCC. Our best “ad” is the community of believers at Christ Community Church.


Kevin Short, Senior Pastor