New Here?


We are thrilled you are considering worshiping with us! If you have questions about what it means to know God, we welcome you. Perhaps you are interested in what it means to accept the demands of being a disciple of Christ, we welcome you. Whether you’re a curious observer or simply looking for a new church home, you are welcome here. We realize that it can be unsettling to come to a new place when you are not sure how everything works. Below we have put together some answers to frequent questions. If you have a question not covered below, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to get back with you.


9:00 & 10:30 AM Sundays


4224 S. Farm Road 115, Brookline, MO 65619


(417) 863-0901



+ What Can I Expect?

You will experience a warm, friendly, casual atmosphere. There is no dress code; come as you are.

Services are an hour and 15 minutes that includes intimate worship and verse-by-verse expositional teaching of the Bible. A Mommy & Me room is provided for nursing mothers and a Family Room provided with sermon audio.

+ What About My Kids?

Children are a priority at CCC! Secure and welcoming children’s classes are provided during both services for infants through 5th grade. We suggest you arrive 10 minutes early to get your child checked in. Our team will take you to our manned check-in station to register your child for the first time. You will receive a tag that you must present to pick up your child. Once checked in, your child will head to a safe, fun, and inviting class they are sure to love.

*Middle School and High School Sunday school classes occur during the 10:30 service in Rooms 103 and 104.

*All of our children’s team members have undergone a background screening.

+ What Kind of Church is CCC?

We are not a part of a particular denomination, but you will find that we hold to the central truths of orthodox Christianity. You can check out our beliefs section on the about page to investigate more. At CCC, we strive to maintain an authentic community where people can be themselves. We want a community that values truth lived more than truth talked. We want a community where believers build bridges and treat all people as having been made in God's image and valuable.

+ How Does CCC Conduct its Services?

Church is not about entertainment, but more about engaging our minds and hearts with the wonder, beauty, majesty, and mystery of an Almighty God. Practical Messages that deliver truth honestly and vulnerably are a main staple. Care is given to deliver messages verse by verse through different books of the Bible as we strive to allow the truth of God's Word to mold us and not the other way around. Our worship is contemplative, joyful, God-focused and usually contemporary.

+ What if I'm Not Used to Going to Church?

You are one of the reasons CCC exists. We understand that for some it may seem quite unusual to be in a church . Most of us have felt the same thing. Know that CCC is filled with folks who can come alongside to help you, at the pace you choose. Perhaps the feeling of being in a new place isn't all that bad. After all, God is awesome and deserving of awe and wonder. If a church has even a fraction of a reflection of God, then that feeling of awe and wonder is perfectly appropriate.

+ What are the Requirements to Fit in Here?

How about being real and honest? We want CCC to be a place where questions are welcome and discussions is encouraged. We strive for a place where no matter what your gifts and talents, you are valued.

+ How Can I Get Involved?

There are many ways to get connected at CCC. To be current on the happenings at CCC, join the weekly e-bulletin mailing by clicking the link below. We offer Life Groups for all adults that meet every other week. Life Groups are for the purpose of connecting with others in the body of Christ; click the link below to find a group. Attending the Newcomers Lunch is a time to get to know Pastor Kevin, hear about the history of CCC, and get your questions answered. In addition, you might want to check out the Launch Class that is offered quarterly throughout the year. The Launch Class is a great way to learn the beliefs, structure, and vision of CCC.

Life Groups



Newcomers Lunch