You would be hard-pressed to find a church that does not say outreach is important to them.  Being Kingdom-minded means we rejoice each time heaven is populated with another citizen. 

At CCC, we believe outreach is not event oriented, but relational.   We can string together events to “reach” people, yet not have a lasting impact.   Relationships over the long haul take vision, work, and commitment and we believe it is more effective and enduring.   It is why most of our missionaries come from CCC or have significant ties to our church.  It is why we have established a long-term relationship with our CarePoint in Guatemala and are committed financially and making repeated trips to serve.  It is why CCC is committed to racial reconciliation in the Springfield community and why we have partnered with existing ministries in the inner-city. 

     If you are interested in being a part of CCC know that it means we are all to participate in intentional relationships outside our own social tribes for the sake of the gospel.  Get ready to hang on and let’s see what God does!